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I was reading about a “hipster” church that focuses upon 20-somethings and was struck by how counter-biblical that strategy is. It’s all about “cool” and “sleek” with up-tempo music and plenty of energy and the specific demographic group to which that appeals.

This is not to say that the motives of the leaders of such churches are wrong or that persons do not come to Christ through them. It is to say that it contradicts the New Testament pattern for the church and, ultimately, the bad will outweigh the good.

In the New Testament, neither the style of worship nor a demographic group created the identity of the local church. The attraction for the body of believers was Christ alone, not the style of music or the “hipness” of the pastor. Besides, the New Testament envisions the local church as relying greatly upon older believers, hence Paul’s admonition to Titus that the older men are to be godly examples and the older women are to teach the younger women (Titus 2:1-5).

Whatever attracts people is what will keep them. A “hip” church always has to be trendy, but I fear the focus too often is upon trendiness and not upon Christ. A church that focuses upon Christ does not have to rely upon the pursuit of ever-changing notions of trendiness in order to be relevant. The need for forgiveness and righteousness will persist till Christ returns. The need is not trendiness; the need is Christ.


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