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To say that American society has undergone a seismic shift in the past fifty years is an exercise in understatement. We have gone from seeing the nuclear family as an ideal almost to denigrating it as a dinosaur which should be relegated to a bygone era. A family is now popularly assumed to be whoever wants to live together in some sort of communal arrangement.

What has caused such a shift? How did we get here? Unfortunately, the mindset of our citizens has undergone a radical change. How? I suspect it is by reason of our education system and the entertainment industry.

We recognize there are many good Christian teachers in our educational system, but I seriously doubt they comprise even a large minority. Regardless, the agenda in academia is not driven at the local level but by bureaucrats in state capitals and Washington, not to mention education unions and liberal/radical politicians. An educational system which has systemically expunged moral absolutes has shape young minds to assume that everything is permissible.

The entertainment industry shapes the people’s heart for good or ill. Stories influence people much more than logical discourse does. A well-crafted story influences emotions. Viewers are moved to feel that it is right for the pretty and active woman to ditch her boring but faithful husband for the unattached and handsome and exciting man she happened to meet at their monthly environmentalist meeting.

Unfortunately, too many self-identified evangelical Christians find their thinking and emotions shaped by the same means. Almost daily another such person proclaims that same-sex marriage is a right that people ought to have. Why do they believe that? They’ve been conditioned by our educational and entertainment industries to think and feel that way.

We don’t believe that about same-sex “marriage.” We believe that marriage is restricted to one man and one woman (Genesis 2:20-24; Matthew 19:3-9). We tenaciously defend the concept of traditional marriage, understanding that anything that differs is an aberration of marriage.

But why do we believe what we believe? Is it because homosexuality is personally repulsive? Unnatural? That is true—it is repulsive and unnatural. Still, that’s not a good enough reason. What seems repulsive and unnatural to one generation can seem, if not attractive, at least acceptable and not unnatural to the next. We have lived to witness such a transition. A couple of decades ago, homosexuality was weird at best. Now it is trendy.

There is one basic reason to believe what we believe: because the Scriptures so teach it. I recognize that does not convince unbelievers, those who scoff at the moral dictates of our Holy Book. Still, Christians cannot contradict that which the Scriptures teach and still be Christians if words mean anything at all. No person can accept same-sex lifestyles and be a Christian in any biblical sense of the term. You can say, “Choo, choo!” and call yourself a train engine, but that doesn’t make you one!

I recognize that we may have to use other arguments concerning choices to persuade those outside the faith, and there are good arguments to use, whether one is dealing with sexual morality or good citizenship or personal finances or rearing children. I am, however, confronting professed followers of Jesus Christ. Why do you believe what you believe?


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We Southern Baptists say that the Bible is without error, that it is God’s authority over our lives, and that it is sufficient for leading us to God and rightly ordering our lives. I wonder, though, if we really believe what we say we believe.

It seems that we have our belief system that we profess and we have our “but’s” that we live. We say we believe that God created all things, but it looks really dumb to believe he did it in six twenty-four-hour days. We say we believe that men should lovingly lead their wives and that wives should lovingly follow that lead, but we engage in the best (worst?) of the battle of the sexes when our partner is not treating us according to our satisfaction. We say we believe in the church government taught in the Scriptures but many of our churches have deacons acting as though they were elders or, even worse, a church council acting as an elder board. We claim that church membership is to be taken seriously, but Southern Baptist Convention churches have millions of members who rarely, if ever, attend corporate worship in the church where their name persists in being on the roll.

We say we believe a lot of things, but our actions reveal what we really believe. Maybe that’s the reason denominational leaders are constantly trying to devise new means to renew our churches. Perhaps a more effective strategy would be to repent of our sin of violating our professed beliefs with our unbiblical actions and really become submissive to the teaching of the Word of God.

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